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 7 to 70 offers an online service where everyone can create professional video content. While receiving this service, users will select a video template similar to the video format they want to prepare from Viliks' Videos tab. After clicking on the Prepare Video button afterwards, it will load the photo or video on the system in order to prepare the video.

 Viliks prepares the desired video to be created and presents the video preview to the user. Wish users can have low quality and watermarked FREE for these preview videos. Wish users can have high-resolution and non-watermarked video content after paying the specified fee.


Bkody Information and Consulting Services


 Viliks.com is a Bkody Information and Consulting Services project. As Bkody team, we work to develop innovative and quality products using up-to-date mobile and web technologies. For this purpose, we follow the technological developments closely and present the most appropriate solutions to our users. We aim to be a leading company in the sector with our satisfaction-oriented and confidence-indexed working model.