Frequently Asked Questions

What is Viliks? What exactly does it do?

Viliks basically provides a quick and easy video editing platform for its users. Select a video you want from the Viliks gallery. Customize it in your 'Prepare Video' panel and upload the necessary files. Our expert editors prepare videos for you. Within 12 hours videonuz is ready and you download from your special download link.

What if Videom does not arrive within 24 hours?

Viliks gives its users guaranteed video production within 24 hours. If your video does not arrive within 24 hours because of any disruption, your money will be refunded and you will be free to download your video.

Do I need technical knowledge to make videos with Viliks?

No. Viliks' video making panel is very easy. You can prepare your video in 2-3 minutes without any technical knowledge.

Is my personal information safe?

Your personal information is completely safe. No one can access or watch your video except for your permission. Even after 24 hours from the Viliks system, the videotape is erased. Viliks does not share your personal information with other companies' marketing activities. It does not sell with money.

Should I be a member to make videos with Viliks?

No. Because Viliks provides users with maximum and easy service. In just 3 simple steps you can prepare your video.

Why should I subscribe to the e-mail list?

You do not have to register for the mailing list. If you sign up, you will not receive spam or unnecessary advertising. Only Viliks will be aware of your special campaigns and innovations.

Can I get support for any problems?